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Safe Spreader Mounting

Snow and ice professionals know that Mother Nature’s fury can test the limits of their team and machines. Make sure your fleet is ready to withstand whatever winter throws its way by properly mounting your spreader and following our comprehensive inspection checklist.

Have your spreader equipment ready before the first storm hits by following these simple steps:

  • BLOCKING: To maintain support and proper spreader position in the vehicle, you must have blocking between the front of the sill and the bed of the truck.

  • BOLTS: Relying on tie-down chains or straps alone to hold the spreader in the vehicle is not recommended. It must be bolted to the vehicle frame.

  • STRAPS: It’s in your best interest to check all spreader to frame fasteners and hold down straps for tightness regularly and adjust as necessary.

Complete this checklist prior to every storm for safe and efficient spreader operation:

  • Properly secure wire harnesses and battery cables and move away from hot or moving parts

  • Check proper operation of vehicle battery and charging systems

  • Make sure that vehicle lights, including strobe and work lights, are functioning

  • Electrical connections should be checked for cleanliness and corrosion

  • Verify conveyor tension and alignment is correct

  • Ensure that conveyor system and spinner assembly work freely and properly

  • Verify that all electrical connections have dielectric grease applied

  • Lubricate all grease fittings with good quality multi-purpose grease

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Originally written by SIMA and FISHER Engineering.

Safe Spreader Mounting
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Safe Spreader Mounting
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